Master Key Experience Week 2

Legacy and Spiritual Growth…oh my…blue rectangle…Do it now x 25

man on cliff image

Week one, completed….Yahoo!

I am forming new habits and becoming their slave. This Golden Budda is starting to shine!! ┬áKeeping myself accountable, stilling my body and quietening my mind, committing to self development, fitting more into a day than I thought was possible, and honoring my voice …my true hearts desires are just some of the good habits I am growing.

I have freed myself of a unhealthy relationship which has in turn lightened mood and added to my happy ­čÖé

Life is a blessing and today I sit in gratitude. Thank you universal mind.



Master Keys Week 1

I enjoyed my first day of class. Binders check, receipe cards check, binders check, books check, pencil crayons check, time commitment check, open minded check, emails from The Master keys team coming in like rapid fire ­čöą oh yeah…check. Thank you master keys team and the class of 2016 for this experience. Love love.

Wow my feet got numb after 15 minutes of sitting still, aka meditation. The other day I read an article from Dr. Mercola, correlating an increase in muscle development while lowering weights then adding repeations and decreased venous return. So, I toned my calves by cutting of circulation, hmm purhaps but I am not a physician.

DMP hmm My DMP in 400 words or less. Yikes. Time to sit and reflect some more.

Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” – Chinese proverb

Niki Morasse.

A bit about me, I am a proactive lady living in the beautiful city of Kelowna. I grew up in the Okanagan valley and have settled in kelowna for the past 2.5 years. I moved here to be closer to work and my young niece. Presently, I am renovating me home and securing me future. I like to spend time running, playing slow pitch and cooking delicious meals.

I was referred to the master keys program through a friend. Once I applied I hit the town full of excitement. I am looking forward to hitting the books and taking a course as it has been 7 yrs since I have been in university.

Sending love to all you out there!!